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but it doesn't work. According to the Developer Tools panel (F12) the Request Header that is sent when I visit that domain is simply the default Firefox user- agent ... How to change User Agent in your desktop browser 3 Mar 2018 ... But be careful doing this. Once set up in this way, the User Agent will be used as the default Firefox UA until the 'override' string is changed ... Changing User Agent for Firefox Web Browser - Tech Journey 9 Dec 2016 ... User agent strings of Mozilla FireFox web browser allow web sites and web servers to identify which browser visitors used to browse the web ... How do I change Firefox's user agent via about:config? - Super User

To view your user agent, click the Firefox menu button , click Help and select Troubleshooting Information. This will open a page with the address about:support. The Application Basics section will include a User Agent entry. For example, the default user agent entry for Firefox 68 on Windows 7 (64-bit) would appear as: How to Change User Agents in Chrome, Firefox and Edge ... Changing a browser's user agent allows you to test your site for different browser. Here is how you can change the user agent in Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge. How to Modify User Agent in Mozilla Firefox - YouTube 1- Type about:config into Firefox’s address bar and press Enter. 2- Type useragent into the search box. We’re looking for the general.useragent.overridepreference, If it doesn’t exist on ... How To Change the User Agent String in Firefox

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The current locale in use by Mozilla is stored in this preference, and a variety of components consult it for localization information. As its name suggests, it is also used in constructing the user agent string sent with HTTP requests. Custom UserAgent String – Adoptez cette extension pour 🦊 Firefox (fr) User-Agent Switcher – Adoptez cette extension pour 🦊 Firefox (fr) User Agent Switcher – Adoptez cette extension pour 🦊 Firefox (fr)

Changing User Agent for Firefox Web Browser - Tech Journey In Firefox, there are at least 2 ways to change the default user agent strings. The first way is by using User Agent Switcher add-on extension for Firefox. Once installed and restarted Firefox, simply go to Tools -> User Agent Switcher , and you will see a list of user agents which you can choose.

Как пользоваться User Agent Switcher. Список User Agents… Лучшим решением для подмены Http заголовков в браузере будет специальное расширение, в частности User Agent Switcher. Как изменить User Agent в Мозилле? Изменить User Agent в Мозилле можно стандартными способами, при помощи страницы с настройками, в нее можно попасть, если вПосле установки дополнения, в браузере должна появится менюшка с готовыми агентами браузеров, это реально удобно наверно и быстро...